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Written by Angelica   
Friday, 13 September 2013 18:25

LOVING INTRODUCTION TO THE JAMS : For years, you should know, I thought about jams and marmelade, but i never really tried. Teh first I did was the redcurrant jelly. Sabine, a friend of my brother coming from the green North of Italy (Friuli), gave me, several years ago, a jar of red currants jam. I never forgot because red-currant coming from their lovely garden in the mountains. It was really a delicious jelly , transparent and wine-coloured ... and from this jar start my secret passion to put a bit of summer fruits in a jar to give color to the winter breakfasts (what a satisfactory thrills is to open the kitchen cabinets and find jars full of jam made with own hands).

Different and genius approaches came from (thanks Sigrid !) through Christine Ferber, alsatian contemporary teacher (it seems that even Brad Pitt can not do without its delicious jars) and the last results have been excellent, so I will continue , I will continue and I will continue. Just remember one gold rule form Miss. Ferber " The jam is also a school of patience."

Today I propose a blackberry jam, rigidly to hand pick from blackberry brush: pride is an integral part of the flavor, otherwise you will enjoy only half when rub it on bread ...


1 kg of blackberries

700 gr of sugar

the juice of one lemon

half a grain of long pepper of Cambodia (not required)

17 grams of pectin 2:1 (n.b. pectin is a natural substance that is found in fruits in varying amounts (the quinces it most of all) and is added to make jelly)


Select blackberries, eliminating those a bit too ripe or still reddish and remove any stems.

Wash them under running water, gently without breaking them and finally drain.

In a ceramic bowl mix the berries, sugar and lemon juice without seeds. Stir with a wooden spoon until the sugar soaked and then pass through a food mill to remove blackberry seeds .



Add the hand-milled pepper or finely chopped with a knife.

Put on the fire (in a ceramic coated pot) and bring almost to the boil, the mixture has to "tremble " and then put it back in the bowl. Cover with baking paper and place in the fridge for a night.

The next day filter the mixture through a sieve, to eliminate the remaining seeds. Finally add the pectin, stir and put on the fire and bring it to a boil.

Boil from 3 to 7 minutes, checking the consistency (place one drop on a saucer and let cool down and tilt to see if it is thick enough for your taste ).

Possessed in previously sterilized jars seal , flip and allow to cool. It will keep for a whole year.


STERILIZATION JARS – If you start before making the jam, you should be ready at the right time .

Take the jars with cap (both news or those recovered at home), remove the label and carefully wash them preferably in the dishwasher. Cover them with water and boil jars and caps for 5-10 minutes, while in the heat the oven to 190 ° C.


Remove the jars from the water and put them to head up in a pan in the oven and leave them for another ten minutes and here's your sterilized jars.

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