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Written by Nicolò   
Sunday, 16 November 2014 17:57



Finally we have found a real Italian Pizza in London.

I have been wondering why it was so difficult to find a good pizza in a city like London which offer any kind of food from all around the world. Basically to make a good pizza you need a very short list of things:


  1. Good wood burning brick oven;

  2. Good dough with basic ingredients such as flour, olive oil, water and yeast (not adding eggs, or milk as I heard someone makes out of Italy);

  3. Slow levitation time;



If your process fulfil all these basic things you will be sure that your pizza is a good one. Even though you do not have a very good pizza chef (pizzaiolo).

Franco Manca has built a perfect restaurant following these important pizza's rules: the brick oven was made by a specialize artesian from Naples (obviously the city where pizza was invented) and guarantees high temperatures which a good pizza requires (500° C); the dough is the original one; the levitation takes its right time, 20 hours. What is more all the Franco Manca staff is strictly Italian and have many good pizza chefs.



Another good point for Franco Manca are prices that are really astonished: in London, one of the most expansive city in the world, you can eat within 12 pounds having two pizza Margherita and one beer.


Lets have a look at the menu: tomato, garlic and oregano (£4.30); tomato, mozzarella, basil (4.9); broccoli, mozzarella, gloucester, sausage (6,75); gloucester, mozzarella, bufala ricotta, ham, mushrooms, olives, capers, mozzarella (6,70); chorizo and mozzarella (6,95).



Unfortunately they do not serve draft beer but Franco Manca offer a good selection of Italian wine.


After some months in London I was almost becoming to be homesick because of the lack of good pizza, therefore you can only imagine how I was glad when I have found this little Italian miracle in London.


Unfortunately, due to its cheap prices, the good quality of the pizza and the fact that Franco Manca do not accept reservations (sometime just if you are a big group), you have to be ready to have a lot of queue in the week days and more than a lot during the weekend! But it is worthy!

Furthermore, due to his success and following the role model provided by English/America restaurant's chain, Franco Manca has opened several restaurant all around London.



Here the complete list of Franco Manca's Pizzerie in London:


  • Tottenam Court Road 98;

  • Unit 4, Market row;

  • 144 Chiswick high Road;

  • 16 Northcote road;

  • United 2003 The Balcony Stratford city;

  • 53 Bedford hill

  • 52 Broadway Market

Franco Manca does not delivey pizza. But the take away works very well.

Enjoy a good pizza in London!


Pizzeria Franco Manca

SERVICE: Very friendly (all the staff was italian!)

PARKING: you are in London. You do not need a car. Take the underground or a cab!

COST: 10-15  pounds

CLOSE DAY: never!


POSITIVE: nice and cheap pizza made in the original italian way

NEGATIVE: always queue (but in London queueing is cool)

DO NOT MISS IT: stracciatella (if you have never tried)

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